CEO - Cat Entertainment Officers

  • Vikki

    Hey there, I'm Vikki, the passionate purr-sonality behind Cattitude Box!

  • Rolo

    Meet Rolo, our model CEO who struts his stuff with undeniable charm and style, ensuring every product shines as brightly as his whiskers!

  • Ice

    Meet Ice, the brains behind the business, whose cool demeanor and sharp instincts ensure every decision is as smooth as a cat's stride in moonlight.

  • Lewis

    Product tester extraordinaire, whose refined taste and discerning palate ensure that only the finest treats and toys make it into our boxes, earning his purr of approval every time

Welcome to Cattitude Box, where feline fun meets purr-fection! 🐾

Hey there, I'm Vikki, the proud boss lady behind this whisker-tastic venture! As a lifelong cat enthusiast (some might say crazy cat lady, but who's counting?), I've made it my mission to spread joy to fellow cat lovers far and wide.

With a lifelong love for all things feline, I've turned my passion into a paw-some business dedicated to spreading happiness to fellow cat lovers around the globe. As the boss lady extraordinaire, I oversee every whisker of our operation, ensuring that each Cattitude Box is packed with the finest goodies to delight both cats and their humans. When I'm not busy dreaming up the next meow-nificent box theme or cuddling with my own furry friends, you can find me sipping on a cup of catpuccino and brainstorming ways to make the world a happier place—one whisker at a time.

But wait, who really runs the show around here? Let me introduce you to our three fabulous Cat Entertainment Officers—Rolo, Ice, and Lewis. These fur-bulous felines bring their A-game to ensure that every Cattitude Box is packed with the finest toys, treats, and treasures fit for even the most discerning kitty connoisseur.

Lewis, with his mischievous charm and endless energy, keeps us on our toes and ensures that no catnip mouse goes untested. Ice, our cool and collected CEO, oversees quality control with a discerning eye and a gentle paw. And last but certainly not least, Rolo, the suave and sophisticated member of our trio, adds a touch of elegance to every product selection.

Together, we're on a mission to delight cats and their humans alike with our monthly subscription boxes filled with all things cat-tastic. Whether your kitty is a playful pouncer, a discerning gourmet, or a snugglebug extraordinaire, there's something in every Cattitude Box to make their whiskers twitch with delight.

So, join us on this paw-some adventure, and let's celebrate the joy of cats one box at a time! Meow for now! 🐱💕